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Ranked one of the best Design-Build Firms
in Oakland by
SF Architects

Team Leader, Hristiyan, has 19 years in the construction business.  Add in key team members with over 20 years of experience and combining all that, together we have been in this business for a very long time.


We hire experience as we know experience matters to you. 

"With an eye for good design, high craftsmanship, and genuine love for the process of building, Hristiyan and his team bring contracting to a whole other level.  He is comfortable using a wide variety of materials and enjoys problem solving.  Most importantly, they are skillful communicators."

- Austin S., Berkeley, CA

Our Design-Build Firm consists of reliable professionals who meet or exceed licensing standards.


We are involved in the entire build including estimating and project management and we guide the inspection and regulation process from start to finish including the acquisition and management of creative partners as needed.

We have you covered with all aspects of your build and we will show up armed with experience & a clear plan. 

License #1034566


We work foundation to finish providing hands-on involvement from a to z. This plus our attention to each client's vision makes for unique and unrivaled quality. We understand your needs and give you reliable support and the highest quality work available.

In appreciation of sustainable materials, construction methods, energy efficiency, and sound containment, we give each layer of the building process a classic, timeless aesthetic that emphasizes beauty, simplicity, stewardship of the land, and the integration of efficiency and nature.

Hristiyan Atanasov

With two decades of experience in construction, Hristiyan is involved with operations every step of the way. He personally collaborates with each client and is hands-on throughout the build. 


"How can we create and live in ways that give back to the earth and to the community?  The earth needs us as much as we need it.  I think our deep purpose as humans is to take care of this place. Everyone has an inherent part in doing so in their unique way. I dedicate hours of research on the green building conversation. Knowing the very best ways to 'green' your building can be helpful in the sea of contradicting information out there."

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